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yikes night | may 18 2005

performers | exquisite corpse


kirk lanzone
breakup letter

robert buscemi
faux metal head

megan johnson
european romance story

brandon heckman
put the car in park on the highway

david petitti
french boner story

john wright
inappropriate loss of clothing

abby cucci
i hope i'm alive in the year 2000

laura reese
first date golf tragedy

elizabeth grattinger
reasons not have sex: 1) i'm only 16 2) i'm a virgin...

erin teegarden
i wish i could write like anne frank

sunny byers
blood on the wall and the bed

della watson
videos from childhood



exquisite corpse

straight up, paula abdul rocks me. she is forever my girl, rush rush paula, hurry hurry lover come to me.
i am burning. it must be the herpes...