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exquisite corpse may 18 05

straight up, paula abdul rocks me. she is forever my girl, rush rush paula, hurry hurry lover come to me.
i am burning. it must be the herpes...
and then,
so many times i’ve felt so hot, so heated, my tits are totally swelled
we ate. we slept. we fucked.
ouch. ouch ouch ouch, mercy.
a deep hole does he make with his medieval tools
take the last train to clarksville and i’ll meet you at the station—you can leave here by 4:30 cuz i’ve made your reservation.
“i have a great dog,” she said. “well, that was until she died. but would she shake on command!”
“really?” i said. “so you just say shake and she vibrates?”
so, i know the bartender, but he says “we’re at capacity.”
yes have some
and he hads me the paper with sadness in his eyes—why isn’t this the appropriate time to lick a good cornea?
then, a shot rang out. i looked behind me and there, with a gun smoking like a chimney, was—
the bowling champion of kenosha, striking and sparing no one,
no one was safet from pinpoint accuracy of his balls, big black balls
with sister sam resting her folded arms on her big breasts.
humiliation at enterprise value.