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short films | july 19 2006

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Naomi Prescott
Camela Jean
We're So Screwed Productions
Andrea Rexilius,Olivia Cronk, and Philip Sorenson
Lauren Reiter
and Andrea Rexilius
Sara McCool
David Digangi
Chris Bower
Chris Shea and Liz Parrott
Bob Rokos

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the listener

You know the awesome thing about movies? For me, it's everything. I love the movie-going experience of the theater: popcorn, sticky floors, surround sound, and not being able to stand the last five minutes of any movie because I just drank 44 ozs of Diet Coke and it needs to go somewhere.. more...

exquisite corpse

Snip ginger snaps to slap kids back from little naps
"good to know," I said, when I wasn't thinking.