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exquisite corpse july 19 2006

Snip ginger snaps to slap kids back from little naps
"good to know," I said, when I wasn't thinking.
I'm tired. Please.
The flock of birds in my sternum are now facing east
I peeked.
"And just hang out, you know, in the classic Spaulding Gray-
But, seriously-I don't think you understand. There is no way
I'm going to let you in my car with that bloody chainsaw!
The rest of it was just a dream, something you smell with your eyes closed.
I am going to have nightmares about the World's Oldest Boy…
I was watching Oprah yesterday and was horrified to discover that I may be wearing the wrong sized bra
Boobs, what merits this attention? Well, Lola,
And I just saw three adorable French poodles making out.