rec room home


wednesday, november 01, 2006
black rock bar
damen and addison
8:00 pm


curated by Idris Goodwin

In an effort to stimulate some literary adventure and swing sledgehammers at those mental walls and blocks keeping our creative flow dormant – I offer the 90 minute challenge where it's about quantity, quality and brevity (not too mention deadlines, deadlines, deadlines)…..

Nov.1 2006 @ The Rec Room you will have 90 minutes to complete a writing or visual-art-that-integrates-text project. A chapbook of poetry, a one act play, a short story (or series of flash fictions), a one act screenplay, a novella, a 15 foot collage, a cyborg that you write all over, or any mixture of all that shit I listed…you get the idea. …in 90 minutes

… Our birthday girl for the evening, one Erin Teegarden, will give us a sort of general theme to base the project around right before shooting the gun at 8:15 p.m. sharp, sharp, sharp. If you come in after 8:15pm, it just means you have less time. At 9:45 we will stop and you can share an excerpt of your 90 minute masterpiece.

Bring whatever you need, laptop, pen and pad, your favorite writing socks, crafts, old magazines and scraps, glue and scissors. We will have dictionaries, thesauruses, a little creative music playin, a printer and an idea bin to pull from if you get stumped. Not to mention the wonderful wait staff bringing you booze and tater tots.