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the listener
by miki howald

when i heard the theme of rec room going to be rec poetica, i immediately thought of an old friend of mine who once wrote a poem called ars poeticrap, the first line of which read something like, "what the fuck is this shit?" rec poetica, were it a poem, could start with the line, "what the fuck is the awesome shit?" this was a night of awesome shit: hits and new stuff--chris bower, della, erin, eli, megan, melissa and others read from their greatest hits while the rest of us tested out new stuff or read something in the spirit of rec room. the thing about this night is that we're going to hear it again--oh yeah, you know it--when the rec room cd comes out. see more perspective was there not just to break it down for us, but to record our voices for posterity. so if you ever check this website bobby paycheck, here's to your poem and all of ours: so you know, it's not all crap!.