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wednesday, may 07, 2008
black rock bar
3614 n. damen
chicago, il
8:00 pm


curated by Beverly Nelson

wordsmaybemusic. we don't know. we are explorers. our intentions are to probe magnify scrutinize analyze or otherwise mess with any connection to be found while slapping spoons, plucking strings, clashing cymbals, and pecking the keys of very small pianos to the accompaniment of our tales concerning madness, faith, and love ---maybe. you are invited and expected to join in with your own instrument, whistles, singing, and clogging.

A D Jameson
Alex Jovanovich
Allison Gruber
Ira S. Murfin
Karen Faith
Meredith Clark
Michelle Tupko
Devin King
Beverly Nelson
Gwenyth Anderson
Jeff Harms
Jeffrey Ediger
Jennifer Sporcich
Justin Cabrillos