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exquisite corpse may 03 2006


abstinence is my own protest
an affectionate message:
and then he said, “to know the joy of others,
share with the living” i gave him a dollar
there’s some food in the fridge
colors are brighter, lights are darker, eating makes me hungry
and all is not lost, she thinks,
me thinks i see a plate of lobster squirming in nailpolish
but my love for you always ends up sad and melted on open-faced rye
i wasn’t aware happiness was a destination. . .
you touched my shoulder and said, “eat me” and your kindness to another will not be forgotten
for all this, i missed the exciting conclusion of “house. m. d.”
it’s true: nobody likes slimy. and i--
i like pretzel sticks unbent
why are you trying to hurt me. give me your doughnuts.