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exquisite corpse march 21, 2007

Scribble songs in the smoke of your breath
so, i guess that means i'm dehydrated - and i should fix that
A voice like velvet rope
Who knows what would have, could have happened?
The hair on his ass cheeks glistened like the morning dew,
I will again and again and again kiss.
It wasn't until they took you to the junkyeard that I cried.
there ain't no party like a Ball State party!
Yep, I'm a girl. >br /> Or all the stars went inside instead
everyone comes out of the woodwork
The bar's the Black ROck, this is the friggin' Rec Room!
But it isn't my own hairstyle. That shit's been passed down for generations.
Generations of men and women born to do one thing & one thing only -
the only thing they think that matters and the only thing they think is important.
Legalize it!
round her, round her head, round her all -