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the listener
by miki howald

What happens when you combine stressticles, Ken dolls, penis piñatas and eight dirty minds with rec room? You get Valerie Jean Johnson’s “Dirty Minds/Filthy Mouths” show, that’s what. When it comes to what gets you up or gets you off, or the things that are just plain freaky deaky, leave it to performers at rec room to make a show of it. The evening’s performances ranged from Matthew’s novel with plushies and bondage to Erin’s online research. From Fred’s dirty joke and Sarah’s blog to the things that (don't) disgust Miki, and from Elizabeth’s Jesus poem to the sexy texts everyone sent to Nicolette.

We traded dirty jokes and personal stories till our faces hurt from laughing (or from groaning, depending on your comfort level). We beat that piñata all night till it ejaculated candy, and all the while Prince serenaded us in the background: “You sexy motherfucker…”