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exquisite corpse march 07, 2007

In addition to the tots, things I love:
On an unsoiled bedsheet
and three seperate grievances
tongue-cuts, fish-tail, swallowtail, cow-hand
I only have two meals to cook; I used to have fifty-two.
In other places, winter smells like eucalyptus.
On an oafish sort of ill report
and we carved our names into the beech tree so our children
could watch them grow large
There's been an unsual amount of talk about angels tonight
sing to me.
You must go at your loife with an axe.
The phone doesn't ring. It says "Ouch"
I love whiskey! (when you say this, get down on your knees)
But squirrels would never respond to that prevocation!
He was an instigator and a chronic masturbator
And there is trouble on the bus again. >br />