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exquisite corpse mar 01 2006

who drank my (ink spot) moloch cocktail whole
that’s right good god. in hebrew moloch is wonderful, (jumble of letters)
i learned in the rest-room that the mint considered making holy coins
she who cannot find the tips of her boots
who did she see next?
who moloch who holy holy pressed it
and i promise i won’t apologize for not knowing
what a mollach is
but falling in love with it anyway
big brother is (ink spot) watching?
moloch suck dick, holy rich fucks!
without who me down to own it
feeling most holy naked makes me a sinner
holy like a day with(ink spot) war
the holy oil
but who will tend the watermelon patch?
and who will go to the manzanillo with us?
the hue (circled) of hannibal’s hungry hippos, as he traversed
the risky pyrenees, wholly (circled) engulfed by macedonian
desire, surviving primarily on mollusks (circled) from the expansive
holy hole i
underneath the un(ink spot) where
the first punk roc(ink spot) to me in braille
m’amour, m’amour, wh(ink spot) do i love, and where are you?