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the listener
by miki howald

If you must know, I've been singing about building simple little paper airplanes since Wednesday night. That song, a lovely improv moment, has apparently taken flight (the theme of Rec Room on June 7). The reading was really impressive, and it stuck with me in a way that many recent readings haven't (this is not to say that I haven't enjoyed the other readings, it's more that flight is a concept that hits me close to home or something). Maybe it's because of the myriad possibility of meanings and connotations for the word. Among the synonyms I found: aerial navigation, aeronautics, arrival, aviation, avigation, departure, gliding, hop, journey, jump, mounting, navigation, soaring, take-off, transport, trip, volation, volitation, voyage, winging beat*, break*, breakout, escape, escapement, escaping, exfiltration, exit, exodus, fleeing, fugue, getaway, getaway car*, lam, out*, powder*, retreat, retreating, running away, slip*, spring*. Flight: possibility. Thank you so much to all the readers who simple-little-paper-airplaned their way through the show, and thank you especially to See More, not only for singing that lovely ditty, but for recording the evening for the upcoming Rec Room CD. (*informal or slang)

And to Della: happy birthday, my friend! I love that I've found you again after meeting you so many years ago in that crazy Pittsburgh place. I hope we continue to run into each other in this way. This week, when you were in the bathroom, Erin announced that the exquisite corpse poem should be about you, and although I didn't get a chance to write a line for the poem, here is what I was going to say:

"Dear Della- I hope this time can be preserved, recorded to fit in your hand, replayed and remembered for when you're away." Cheesy, but what the hell.