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Great American Songbirds| june 04, 2008

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Jayson Brooks
Abby Cucci (curator)
Ryan Brewster (curator)
Jonny Cunningham
Brigette Ditmars
Stephanie Layton
Gerald Richardson
Rob Smith
Bethany Thomas
Vallea Woodbury
Missey Young

the listener

Today at the Andersonville street fair as I was leaving, a cover band was singing that 80s hit, “500 miles”. And the cover was just so-so, but it didn’t matter. As my friend and I walked out, everyone in the crowd was DAh dada DAh – ing right along, mouthing the lyrics into their beers and at their friends. I even saw one woman singing into her cell (insert eye roll here) and, in spite of my best efforts, my whole bike ride home, I was dadadada ing in my head, too.

What is it about a quirky pop tune that ignites subconscious memory and inspires temporary glee, and makes even the worst singers among us totally dork out in public and burst into song?