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exquisite corpse feb 15 2006

i can see your roof from here. damn.
the light hit the room just so
the hours are long. the nights are cold. colder than i’d have them be.
everyone will think i am a (fool--crossed out) (if you--crossed out)
i thought it was you--but it was only a statue
--who knew. she forgot how to get down, go down--because the library--
and what do you do with the things you find? i save mine in my pockets which bulge.
wait, wait. i said dear friend, dear friend.
(valentine’s day--crossed out) i’d rather celebrate arbor day instead. . .
if we don’t--truly--believe what we say then
my eyelashes lick my sunglasses as i leave / it all behind
now one dollar poorer and no smarter
a talent for eavesdropping, thoughts in a glass
the poets seal their letters to you in
madness!! the madness has only bee-gun!!