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exquisite corpse august 16 2006

the woods teeth have been cleaned with piss
beveled window, cellar door
but her feet were always smelly, and smelled of cheese
i don't fuck much with the past, I fuck plenty with the future.
and even though that bitch called me ugly
a BFA in the art of hugs and kisses
boom she lock lock boom
i learned I no longer believe in karma, but in you and in me
great job Della, you'll never be gone.
it travels to find it
because when I was 7 I saw the mailman naked, which I didn't understand
until I began getting my own erections.
his skin the color of bacon
like the smile beneath my eggs
you have no idea. No…really…you have no idea.
and I figured the Chicago river was a good place to purge
my latrine on my summer tour.
after we leave here I'm getting your lunch money
someone somewhere loves contempt and enjoys the sting and the hollow
hallways and the empty reverb of loneliness and the irreverent
and the bizarre and the mystery of the adding.