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CUTE!!! | august 6, 2008

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Alex DeBonis
Bob Rashkow
Carl Marcum
Cassie Sparkman
Erin Teegarden
Idris Goodwin
in miniature
Jason Bredle
Katie Hartsock
Mary Hamilton
Megan Martin
Miki Howald
Nicolette Bond
Pat Babbitt and Lindsay Fisher
Paul Martinez Pompa
Sunny Byers

the listener

On Monday I took some vacation time and made my way over to the Lincoln Park Zoo. I’d never been there before and was skeptical of how an entire zoo could be built in the middle of a place like Lincoln Park. I have mixed feelings about the zoo—on the one hand, zoos educate people, nurse sick animals back to health, and expose people to wonderful creatures they’d otherwise never see, on the other hand the animals all sort of look like they’re going crazy—pacing and chewing off their fur. But I saw the cutest thing when I was there.