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Love-Letters between a Noble-Man and his Sister

wednesday, april 18, 2007
black rock bar
damen and addison
8:00 pm

Love-Letters between a Noble-Man and his Sister

curated by Joshua Dumas

Inspired by the title and form of Aphra Behn's 17th century epistolary novel, this show will celebrate the 2nd person. Featuring writings intended for someone letters, diary entries, clippings, etc.


Joshua Dumas is a writer, artist, and musician who has been working in Chicago for over ten years. He helped found the local art collective Tense Forms and performs in the bands the Notes and Scratches, and the Blue Ribbon Glee Club.

Sarah Guernsey is a musician and artist in Chicago who performs with Naughty Candy and the Golden Horse Ranch Square Dance Band.

Jenny Walton-Wetzel used to write fiction. Now she writes emails and letters, texts for zines, scenes for plays, embroidery for quilts, and bad autobiographical sonnets.

Robert Buscemi is an award winning writer, comedian, and actor. More info at:

Mary Hamilton is a lady. Her work has appeared online at Word Riot, Pindeldyboz, and Rumble.

Robert Kowalczyk and Tina Post are completely mysterious and must been seen to be believed.

Erin Teegarden and Della Watson are well-published poets and co-founders of rec room. They currently maintain their BFship via air mail and email, while Watson resides in the Southern Hemisphere.