rec room home | honeymoon

the listener
by miki howald

oh rec room, happy anniversary, love! doesn't it feel as though our honeymoon has just begun? as though we met and fell in love only yesterday? it does to me. and maybe to all of those who joined us for the rec room second anniversary show, the cotton show, the terrible toddler show.

so what's been happening for these two years? Well, old friends have moved away and new friends have joined us. words have been read, crafts made, music played, etc. we've been carving out a fanbase, making a niche, staking a claim.

i'll stop with the lists of three.

last night someone said that art without discord is art without discourse, and art without discourse doesn't seem like art at all. but we—rec room, you and i and all our friends—are overflowing with discord and discourse. we are the new ideas. we are the new artists. so now from our honeymoon we move forth into the world and learn how to live together: the artist and art, married. i hear from some that it'll probably eventually suck, that the honeymoon phase, euphoric and dreamlike, cannot last forever. well that's probably fine. frankly, with all this loving sweetness and togetherness and awareness and sleeping in and breakfast in bed and amazing sex and cuddling and pet names, i'm not getting any work done. the honeymoon is over. now let's go do something.