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the four seasons - rec room 4 year anniversary show| april 02, 2008

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Meg Barboza
Nicolette Bond
Jason Bredle
Sunny Byers
Nina Corwin
Abby Cucci with Sam Wagster
David Digangi
Amber Drea
Josh Dumas
Eric Elshtain
Krista Franklin
Elizabeth Graettinger
Allison Gruber
Miki Howald
eric lab rat
Sondra Morin
Matthias Regan
Erin Teegarden

With audio/visual contributions by the relocated rec roomers:
Idris Goodwin
Mike Haef

the listener

Writing about the seasons, while traditional for so many cultures, has never been my thing. When I was in grad school, a professor gave us an assignment where we had to write a poem to the prompt “autumn.” My poem began, “I have nothing to say about autumn,” and went on for about a page after that, unsuccessfully.