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Five Alive: Rec Room 5 Year Anniversary Show | april 01, 2009

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Idris Goodwin
Nina Corwin
Barbara Perry
Dan Godston
Jac Jemc
Allison Gruber
Miki Howald
Sunny Byers
Jacob Saenz
Jacob S. Knabb
Eric Elshtain
Katie Hartsock
Dave Digangi
Nicolette Bond
Erin Teegarden
Matthias Regan
John Beer
Paula Varjack
Mary Hamilton
Meg Barboza

the listener

Rather than write a recap of a great night, or try to come up with some vaguely relevant anecdote of my own, I asked Erin for permission to post the essay she read at the Five Alive show. She did such a great job of laying out our history and what we're doing (or trying to do). And, if love rec room, I think you should take an opportunity to tell her how much you appreciate the work she puts into it. Five years later, still surviving: