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september 03 2008
In Other Words/In Other Worlds

january 15 2008
Call & Response

november 07, 2007
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may 02 2007
"Whose Body is This?" A Survey of Illness and Healing (curator)

february 07, 2007

september 20 2006
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Toni Asante Lightfoot is a writer, teacher, and activist living in Chicago, Illinois. A native of Washington, DC, Lightfoot started her poetry career performing in its cafes and jazz clubs. Along with the other members of The Modern Urban Griots, she co-wrote, directed, and starred in Everything I Never Told You Became a Poem and Jazz, Wine, and Poetry: An Almost Love Story. Alone as well as along with several groups, Lightfoot has performed all over the US, Canada, and Trinidad & Tobago, She has been published in several anthologies such as: Role Call (Third World Press), Beyond the Frontier (Black Classics Press) and is the co-editor of Dream of a Word (Tia Chucha Press). Her voice and poetry appears on numerous CDs. For more information, check her at out at