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reminder night | may 04 2005

performers | exquisite corpse | notes-to-selves


brandon heckman
novel excerpt

lauren pretnar

bill hoffman and joe vonderhaar
(script by lauren pretnar)




exquisite corpse

i built my purgatory without any help.
i was listening to the story
and more...


notes to selves

sometimes a pile of papers forms
on my desk, and i forget what’s at the bottom. sometimes i tell my friend i will meet her out on a friday night and i forget i’ve already said the same thing to two other friends. and i forget that i have to work in the morning. and sometimes i forget to pay the rent on time. i can’t recall the addresses of places i’ve lived before. and i keep forgetting to remember to send a check to tsunami aid. and i’ve forgotten to protect endangered animals. i forget to never forget that we are still a nation at war.

and sometimes i encounter a reminder—