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exquisite corpse august 31 2005

velvet bullfight, velvet hat, velvet, velvet, velvet
oh yeah you’re in my flower field now, fool
your slip is showing, feathers and bells uncut
but i never expected to feel this today
what? what? what?
i can’t even hear my competition, that
is why i am sitting in red
thinking about the steak defrosting in my fridge
i dig a hole, as much i dig it fills with sand and shells
the sand and shells pile up like the loaves and the fishes and other shadowy parables
we’re supposed to fold forward, right? i can never remember
if i could tell you the difference between yesterday and today it would be like
but suddenly, the bowl of pudding tumbled and dripped down the table leg
while preventing my deflections when the earth shakes
the mood in the room makes me relax
we can’t stop, don’t want to stop, our foolish summers yet
and we return. arms heavy. smiles in our mouths
and with a clothesline and a song we know it
i have such a crush on everyone.