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melted demerara


october 19 2005


Melted Demerara’s poetry has been described as like hot rain falling. Her voice is evocative and she paints vivid pictures through her poetry. She has been writing for 10 years and has a background in health, community arts community development and theatre. She is a founding member of JAWA Theatre collective. In 2003 she set up Inspired Word writers group whose aim is to develop the potential of individuals as well as providing a safe space to explore survivor’s issues. She is a member of the London branch of Poetry Kitchen Writers to develop her work.

She can hold her own in the competitive world of Slam; she has two Slam titles under her belt for Pure Poetry and Farrago Love Slam. Her work has been published in the anthology Flowers on a Shoestring. A CD-ROM of her work was published in PUR magazine and has been exhibited in galleries in Germany. She is currently working on her first collection of short stories “Beyond Dreams.”




melted demerara