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exquisite corpse

when i was young. rugby jerseys on the wall. there's a map of korea and i
wouldn't want to be there like one of the frozen chosen. smoke rose and
lights flickered. how do you do? i could take your dog for a walk. let me
know when you get out of class. i'll take you to a bar and we'll drink out
of a glass. someone is always left holding the bag full of oysters. the
freshest oysters ellen had ever had in her entire life has been spent in
drug stores stealing cosmetics contemplating the future of screaming rickets
in the morning. with your cold milk. and with the wave of the fluorescent
baton, the unicorn whinnied, 'go away, i love you!' 'come close and hide
your head in your hands.' there is magic going on beneath the highway, i
think. in the interest of: follow my hands my mouth my within the sun i
shine today and wonder if another year here is possible had had that and
this and that again. but wanted this, and this, and this...