Friday, October 2, 2009

Sonneteering - September 02, 2009

Eric Elshtain's Sonneteering show was a wonderful showcase of talent and poetry. I really do love that rec room allows for experimentation and collaboration in performance in ways that many other reading series do not, but every once in awhile I really appreciate a show that is just focused on the writing, and good writing at that.

Even focused on a single form--the sonnet--no two poems sounded the same. We had readings of Pushkin's
Eugene Onegin, sonnets in both English and Spanish (thanks Carl!), zombie sonnets, geography sonnets, feminist sonnets, collaborative via YouTube sonnets, computer and audience generated sonnets, and finally Jacob Saenz's incredibly raw and powerful sonnet based on a writing exercise.

It's great to have friends like Eric who can bring together a variety of voices. We always know it's going to be a good show when Matthias joins us, and it was great to hear Michelle (congrats on the book!) and Meg, even if we couldn't have them here in person. If you have a chance to catch any of the night's performers at a reading, I highly recommend it.

Thank you Eric for putting together a great show. Looking forward to working with you again!


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