Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Erotics for Weirdos: The Aesthetics of the Everyday in the Erotic Imagination

(a letter to Olivia)

Olivia- I am so, so sorry, but we lost the pictures from this show. There was a slight tragedy involving a lost memory card from the camera. It's unfair, really, because so many of rec room's old friends were back; it was like a family reunion!

The show was a lot fun, too, and again I apologize not having pictures to document it all. But we heard work ranging from stories about hair monsters, to John Donne recitations, to crooning, to visits to the eye doctor. The stories, poems and performances of the evening were varied in the way they explored the theme, and that's what we like about rec room. Throw a theme out there and just watch what everyone does with it. You would have never predicted magnifying glasses and flowers in the hair, but it makes so much sense when it happens.

Thank you for the show, Olivia. It was wonderful to have you back. Please don't be a stranger!


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